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Mimmo Miccolis, born in Italy, is a neoclassical and contemporary teacher and choreographer at  The Washington Ballet. He was the winner of the “Outstanding Choreographer Award” at the Youth  American Grand Prix (YAGP) Finals 2015 in New York City, at the Indianapolis International Ballet  Competition 2017 and at the YAGP Pittsburgh Semifinals 2016. In 2011, he was also a recipient of  the BBC Performing Arts Fund in London, UK. In the last years several of his choreographic  creations received awards in dance competitions across Europe and the US.  

Mimmo has served as a Judge, Master Teacher and Choreographer for the American Dance  Competition (ADC-IBC) since 2017 and he create an original work for the competitors to perform  at the Awards Gala of Stars 2019. 

Miccolis graduated from the Italian dance academies “Fondazione Niccolò Piccinni” (Bari) and  “Balletto di Toscana” (Florence). As a dancer he performed in theaters and companies across  Europe, the Middle-East and the United States. Since the start of his professional career, his work  has been characterized as a blend of powerful versatility and theatrical range. 

Most of Mimmo’s choreographic work focuses on social issues and have been performed in  prestigious venues such as the World Bank Headquarters, the Inter-American Development Bank,  the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, the Carnegie  Hall in New York, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the European  Forum and the House of the European Union in Austria, the European Commission Joint  Research Center in Italy and the Bernie Grand Arts Center and LCP Production in London(UK).  



Nato in Italia, Mimmo Miccolis, è attualmente insegnante e coreografo neoclassico e  contemporaneo al The Washington Ballet (USA). Nominato “eccellenza italiana nella danza negli  Stati Uniti” al Gala 2019 dell’Italian Cultural Society of Washington (ICS). Miccolis è stato l’unico  italiano ad aggiudicarsi il premio “Outstanding Choreographer Award” alle finali dello Youth  American Grand Prix (YAGP) 2015 in New York City e all’Indianapolis International Ballet  Competition 2017. Nel 2011, Mimmo Miccolis è stato anche il vincitore del BBC Performing Arts  Fund a Londra (UK). Negli ultimi anni molte delle sue creazioni coreografiche hanno ricevuto  premi in concorsi di danza in Europa e negli Stati Uniti. 

Miccolis è giudice e insegnante all’American Dance Competition (ADC-IBC) in st. Petersburg  (Florida) dal 2016 e ha coreografato un nuovo lavoro per il “Gala of Stars” 2019. 

Formatosi con studi in danza classica e contemporanea alla “Fondazione Niccolò Piccinni” (Bari) e  al “Balletto di Toscana” (Firenze), come danzatore si è esibito in teatri e compagnie in Europa,  Medio Oriente e Stati Uniti. 

La maggior parte del lavoro coreografico di Mimmo si concentra su temi sociali ed è stato  presentato in luoghi e compagnie prestigiose come The Washington Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, The  World Bank Headquarters, Inter-American Development Bank, Ambasciata d’Italia in Washington  DC, Carnegie Hall in New York, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE),  Sustainable Brands Conference in Detroit, European Forum e l’House of the European Union in  Austria, European Commission Joint Research Center in Italia e Bernie Grand Arts Center,  Camden Fringe Festival e LCP Production in London(UK). 


Wherever you are in the world, you have the opportunity to study with the teacher and choreographer

This is a program of one or two workshops a month that will allow students to receive a certificate of participation in the technical program designed by the Teacher and Choreographer of The Washington Ballet MIMMO MICCOLIS.

The Workshop gives the opportunity to get to know the style of Mimmo Miccolis who blends elements of different styles of contemporary dance with classical technique. The workshop tests the dancers through a series of energetic and dynamic exercises that will allow participants the pleasure of moving the body in space by exploring their physical limits. The class is fun, dynamic and energetic and encourages dancers to use movement as a means of exploration and expression by emphasizing tempo, musicality, physicality and expressiveness. The Workshop is specially designed for the online lessons.

The online program is curated by Mimmo MIccolis on the online platform @danceinrome .com


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